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Highland River Melees

Poster: Admin Kit User <black_star@earthlink.net>

Unto the denizens of the Merry Rose, does Lord Adam of Erin send humble

Good gentles, I the Autocrat of Highland River Melees do hereby invite
you all to come to the Shire of Highland Foorde, and enjoy thrills and
excitement.  As always we will be having all kinds of heavy fighting,
and rapier tourneys, and some of the most creative archery you would
ever see.  Not only are there marshal arts, but Anjuli McDanald of
Clanranald has written a very interesting and entertaining play.  This
play will be performed during the day.  There will also be dancing, a
bardic circle, drumming and belly dancing.  The site is discretely wet
after dark (I do not want to see the containers, because site rules say
I must make you remove it.  So please, save everybody a hassle and do
not use the original containers, put it in a glass, goblet, mug, etc...)
The feast is being cooked by Baron Damon Argent, with guest cooks Lord
Halvalyard of Bourne and Master Chirhart Blackstar.  Their Royal
Majeties Cuan and Bera, King and Queen of Atlantia will be in
attendance.  Please come and show your support for our humble shire.
   Thank you for your time and patience.


Lord Adam of Erin
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