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Re: Golden Dolphin and Pearl

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Pardon me for missing most of this discussion.  Hope I'm not duplicating
other folk's comments.  Our mail server was down most of yesterday and 
I've come into the middle of a discussion that appears to have been 
started by my original question about Golden Dolphin criteria.

Kendrick - is it possible to retrieve the digests from yesterday?  I 
checked the web page but the archives aren't current through yesterday 
(imagine that! ;)

Anyway, I think Daffyd wrote:
>>Try to construct an example of a hypothetical person who has served his
>>shire well and long.  If this person does not travel, autocrat large
>>events, or take any Kingdom offices, why should this person get a Dolphin?

Perhaps because such service to a local group, keeping the local group
active and viable, is a direct service to the Kingdom.  Without strong, 
vibrant local groups, there wouldn't *be* a kingdom worth beans.

That was the gist of my original question.  Personally, I believe that
service that benefits a local group deserves Kingdom recognition.  But 
I wasn't sure if that was what the Golden Dolphin was for.  So why 
bother to recommend someone for a Golden Dolphin if all they do is sweat 
their tails off to make the local group a great place to be in the SCA?

Not everyone can travel often.  Not everyone has the skill to autocrat 
large events.  Not everyone has the time to be a Kingdom officer.  But 
lots of people who can't do those things do great service within local

        - Anarra, hoping the server stays *up* today!
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