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Re: Baronial Awards

Poster: Susan and Ken Reed <nachtanz@mail.patriot.net>

>It's what one can recommend for A) someone who already has the Baronial
>award and keeps going, and going.... and B) what one can recommend for someone
>who does not reside in a Barony that has been mostly discussed.
>Do all the Baronies in Atlantia have service/a&s/fighting awards?
>        - Anarra

My Lady,

Not necessarily divided into three categories like that. The Barony of
Ponte Alto has two awards, either of  which may be given for service, A&S,
fighting or any combination of these. The Baron and Baroness may give the
Venerable Bead as a "pat on the back" for a good job done, such as
autocrating an event, doing a really spiff A&S project, or fighting
particularly well one day. When my lord and I were Baron and Baroness, we
were very generous with these (we liked to see people earn strings of
Beads....), and our successors, Baron Ranulf and Baroness Caitlin have
continued being so as well.  For those who contribute in any or all of
these "categories" to the Barony for a long period of time and at a high
level of activity may be awarded the Order of the Garland. Suffice it to
say, relatively few of these are awarded.

Ponte Alto chose to do this because some activities defy categorization. A
person may do something that is "not enough" to be recognized "purely" as
fighting or A&S or service, but, as a whole, is worthy of recognition.

Dame Teleri Talgellawg
Founding Baroness of Ponte Alto

Susan and Ken Reed                 AFPOPA               nachtanz@patriot.net
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