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Re: Golden Dolphin and Pearl

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

>Dafydd again...
>I wrote:
>> >>Try to construct an example of a hypothetical person who has served his
>> >>shire well and long.  If this person does not travel, autocrat large
>> >>events, or take any Kingdom offices, why should this person get a Dolphin?
>To which Anarra respondeth:
>> Perhaps because such service to a local group, keeping the local group
>> active and viable, is a direct service to the Kingdom.  Without strong, 
>> vibrant local groups, there wouldn't *be* a kingdom worth beans.

OK, some mail guru at the Main Support Center has spooled most of the mail 
I didn't have this morning into my box.  Of course, it's not in any order.

I think I've now got the gist of what everyone's been saying about this.  
When I wrote the above, all I had was someone's reply to one of Dafydd's 
posts; with no prospect of being able to pick up the lost mail anytime soon.

The gist seems to be that more people are more aware of Kingdom-level service.
Some people count Kingdom-level more than local, but the award itself tilts
either way.

Which goes to the main question I had:  Should I recommend people to TRM 
and TRH who have performed exempliary service locally but not kingdom-wide; 
or is that an inappropriate recommendation?  The answer seems to be 
'Go for it'.

Does that jive with the sentiment the rest of you (who have working mail 
servers this week ;) have read?

Thanks to everyone who posted!  Reading your ideas and thoughtful replies
have helped me refine some of what I've been writing.  Writing 
recommendations for Dolphins, and even trying to figure out if someone 
ought to be recommended, has been a puzzler to me for a while.

        - Anarra

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