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Re: baronial awards was (RE: Golden Dolphin and Pearl)

Poster: SWMyers@aol.com

In a message dated 97-06-11 16:22:22 EDT, you write:

<< when I was in the
 Meridies it was
 possible for non affiliated shire members to get baronial awards.  Often
 the landed
 baronage saw so much help from a particular member in the shire that
 they suggested
 to the seneschal that the individual be given a baronial award. >>

Dear Rebecca,

You bring up a very  very good point some of that actually happens in
Atlantia.  I know that several people in Sacred Stone have awards and/or
Orders from Nottinghill Coill and Sacred Stone has given awards and Orders to
people in both the Shires of Crannog Mor and Hindscroft for exceptional
service and A&S.

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