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Re: Pearl & Dolphin

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Bianca (who doesn't like opossum ;) wrote:
>I ask because the mid-level service and arts awards in An Tir (where I'm
>from originally) are not polling orders. Presumably, anyone could write to
>the royality and recommend someone for them. (I'd give the names but
>they're french and I have NO idea how to spell them out) ;> I love kingdom

Someone already wrote this, but I think it bears repeating.

One does not have to be a recipient of any award in order to recommend someone
else for an award.

That's true in An Tir and just as true in Atlantia.  Some things are immune
from inter-kingdom anthropology (thank goodness!)

Anyone can recommend anyone else for any award.  Whether you're Neddie Newby or
Diana Listmaker; Jane Justarrived or Gerhard Kendall of Westmoreland*.

All addresses are in the Acorn.  May you, too, be in court when someone
recieves an award you recommended them for!

        - Anarra

* Sir Gerhard, Baron Lionsgate (OL, OP, KSCA, JdL, GdS, OLM, ORL, MdO, AoA,
etc.) has an award named after him in the Shire of Seagirt.  It's a service
award.  A stipulation being that Sir Gerhard can never be a recipient.  The
thinking was that there ought to be *some* award *somewhere* he doesn't have. ;)
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