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Re: Pearl & Dolphin

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Teresa G. Kellmer wrote:

> Can I ask a question concerning the Pearl and Dolphin? Were these always
> polling orders? Meaning were they originally set up that way in Atlantia?
> I ask because the mid-level service and arts awards in An Tir (where I'm
> from originally) are not polling orders. Presumably, anyone could write to
> the royality and recommend someone for them. (I'd give the names but
> they're french and I have NO idea how to spell them out) ;> I love kingdom
> anthropology!

The awards were set up as polling orders from the beginning, I imagine
because they were largely based on the Eastern awards of the same sort,
and Eastern orders have a *strong* polling tradition.  The Western rite
kingdoms (of which An Tir is one) have a much less polling-style order
system (as well as having the three-tier system of awards, with the
Goutte de Sang, Jambe de Lion, etc at the Grant of Arms level and other
awards lower down).

But in either case, *anyone* can write to the Crown to recommend people
for awards.  With a polling order, its a helpful thing to cc: the
principal of the order (address info is in Acorn or on the website and
most of the principals are on-line) so that even if the current monarch
doesn't choose to do anything about your candidate immediately, the
order members can be watching that person and be prepared to provide an
informed reply to a polling.

(this from someone who despite being Kingdom Seneschal *still* doesn't
always know everyone on a polling!!!)

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