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Re: Golden Dolphin and Pearl

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Miri writes:

> [...]  I just want something better than the really vague notion
> folks seem to have at the nonce- it promotes an inequity that seems a
> little unfair.....to me, at least.  

Inequity?  Howso?

It is impossible to define a metric (measuring system) that is objectively
accurate and still includes subjective evaluations like courtesy, activity
level, and the like.  Since we _do_ want our award system to include these
hard-to-quantify factors, we are stuck with some inaccuracy.  Luckily,
this is mediated somewhat by the regular turnover in Monarchs.  

> >I look at it this way: making garb for newbies and clothing a dozen people
> >is Dolphin work.  
> I would have called it Pearl stuff- see?  It's a service, but it's also
> actively doing an art.

It ain't Pearl stuff if you're making T-tunics and mongol pants.  Pearl
stuff is medieval.  Not just arts, but medieval arts.  Nobody gets a pearl
for making plastic armour, even though it is both useful and an art.  If
you make ten simple sack-back Italian Ren dresses for newbie ladies, you
demonstrate that you know how to make a sack-back Italian Ren dress.  But
that doesn't weigh heavily with me as a Pearl.  If you make ten Italian
Ren and other dresses for newbies, all based upon real renaissance styles,
now _that_ would be worth noting.  If you teach a class at University on
making sack-back Italian Ren dresses, that is certainly worth noting. 


> >The Pearl has a very strong emphasis on teaching the arts.  Anything
> >having to do with teaching arts and sciences is almost always going to be
> >under the Pearl umbrella.  The other main thing under the Pearl umbrella
> >is excellence in the arts.
> What if someone teaches a basic level of something, but teaches it a heck
> of a lot, instead of doing a lot of higher level work?  Is that then
> Dolphin stuff or Pearl stuff?

Pearl.  All teaching of the arts is Pearl.  Doing a lot of higher level
work is Laurel.

Breadth (lots of arts), Teaching (whether deep or shallow), and Depth
(higher-level stuff in one or more arts) are all possible tracks for a
Pearl.  For a Laurel candidate these are all important also, but Depth is
required.  But you can deserve a Pearl for consistent teaching of basic

> I would think Kingdom Seneschal would be more in the Pelican range, actually.

Sometimes.  You are right, that the Kingdom Seneschal position is an awful
lot of work, and serves the whole kingdom.  People who do an awful lot of
work that serves the whole kingdom should be closely watched by the
Pelicans.  But it is not certain, nor should be.

There have been several Kingdom Seneschals who did not have at the time,
and did not receive, Pelicans.

In the last 15 years in Atlantia and the East I've seen KS not pelicaned
where I thought they should have been; KS pelicaned where I thought they
were very deserving;  KS not pelicaned where I agreed with the
not-pelicaning; and KS pelicaned where I thought it was premature.  No, I
will not discuss any details over this public forum :^)  Also, note that I
was not a Pelican at the time for much of this past history, so I was not
aware of everything that went on. 

When I say KS, I think that Kingdom Seneschal is merely the most public
high-work position.  The Kingdom Chronicler and Kingdom Exchequer are also
very heavy-hitting in my system of measurement; more so than the other
Kingdom offices.  This is merely my opinion; other people may think
differently about the maximum-importance Kingdom offices.

> > Still, local service is
> >what gets you an Award of Arms, or local recognition.  It has to be
> >exceptional, long-term, and have other aggravating factors before I am
> >inclined to respond positively to a Dolphin polling for someone whose
> >service is mostly local.
> What if they're in a shire that's not part of a barony?

What if?

Try to construct an example of a hypothetical person who has served his
shire well and long.  If this person does not travel, autocrat large
events, or take any Kingdom offices, why should this person get a Dolphin?


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