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Re: Golden Dolphin and Pearl

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Dafydd writes:
> ...Local service is important.  But it is not
> as important as broader-based service, like running large events, taking
> Kingdom offices, and having an impact throughout the Kingdom by travel.
> Local service is useful and laudable.  But again I ask, why a Golden
> Dolphin?  That is not the only way to recognize and encourage service.

Examples of alternative methods, please?

> There is a common misconception about the award system.  We try to make it
> fair.  But not equal.
> Fair means that we try to have a standard of service, or arts, or
> fighting, and we want that standard to apply to everyone who is offered
> membership in the orders.
> Equal it ain't.  This is most clear in fighting -- shall we knight someone
> for putting in more work than I did, more study of fighting, more effort,
> more pain?  There are many who have done more than I and are not knights. 
> Why?  Because I am 6'2" tall, male, healthy, and have no joints.  Someone
[stifles snicker] That would make it hard to swing a sword, I should
think. But having no *bad* joints is a passing helpful thing.

> who is 5'4", female, with tendonitis in her right shoulder might put in
> twice as much work and not be fighting at knight level.

Evan, who used to have ankles

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