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Re: Awards and all that good stuff

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Christopher M Dawson wrote:
> Just a few simple questions to help me out on all this Peerage stuff.....
>          Are Peerage awards done on a society or kingdom level?
>          If you need to do Society wide service such as SCA, inc. work,
> how is the majority of SCAdians to even have a chance at becoming a
> peerage?
>         If Kingdom level is the way, then how do you define service to
> the kingdom? Is it by way of Kingdom level offices? Hosting Kingdom level
> events? Here again, how does the majority of kingdomers have a chance?

I'll take a stab at Nikolai's question (although there are better
qualified folks lurking out there somewhere!):

The short answer is 'both' or 'all'.  That is, Kingdom or Society
'official' service, or broad/deep service to the kingdom in a non-office

I would guess (from some empirical evidence) that the Pelicans (since
we're talking service here, not Peerages in general) would look at
someone who had done great Society-wide service, such as serving as a
national officer or autocratting interkingdom events of suitable
complexity.  I would also guess that the Order would look at persons who
have served as Kingdom officers.  I would also guess the Order would
look at people who have been instrumental in founding groups (major
groups here) or autocratting major kingdom events or providing some
other service.  But I think its important to recognize (as Taffy pointed
out earlier in the week) that its not just 'Take an office, get an
award'.  It sometimes may seem that way, but almost no office-holders
that I've seen have gotten Pelicans without a track record of other
service as well.

So there's no concrete definition of service to the Kingdom, and
certainly the interpretations by various monarchs and the orders have
been very broad....

But there *are* certainly opportunities.  There's howevermany kingdom
offices and kingdom events - if getting a Pelican is exactly what you
want, you can probably find enough work to get one....:-)

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