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Re: Awards and all that good stuff

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Beth Morris wrote:

>I would guess (from some empirical evidence) that the Pelicans (since
>we're talking service here, not Peerages in general) would look at
>someone who had done great Society-wide service, such as serving as a
>national officer or autocratting interkingdom events of suitable
>complexity.  I would also guess that the Order would look at persons who
>have served as Kingdom officers.

My experience (not necessarily here in Atlantia) has been the opposite. 
Pelicans were awarded for service to the Kingdom.  Service in an SCA office was
not really a consideration, unless it was considered as an adjunct to
service to the Kingdom.

In fact, one of the 'problems' being looked at by the Grand Council (Or
InterKingdom Advisory Council, I forget which) is the 'lack of recognition at
the National Level'.  (Your Mileage May Vary as to how much of a problem you
perceive this to be.)

And I certainly have never seen that one must practice one's art on a
Society-wide level to be considered for a Laurel.  Not even in the Pennsic
Kingdoms where SCA-wide opportunity is more at hand.

Very very few of the Laurels I know ever practiced on an SCA-wide or even
inter-kingdom level.  In fact, if one is doing great fantastic work in one
Kingdom and then moves to another kingdom, one almost always has to start again
from near the beginning.  One's acheivements in the first kingdom rarely travel
with one.  (Although I admit this is more true with the Service awards than the
A&S awards.  Easier to carry one's blooming skill from kingdom to kingdom. 
Service must be built up over time.)

My experience has been that Peerages are awarded for actions in the Kingdom
that gave the Peerage.  I know there are exceptions to this, but it is true
in most cases.

>almost no office-holders
>that I've seen have gotten Pelicans without a track record of other
>service as well.

This is my perception as well.  And a good thing, too, IMHO.

        - Anarra
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