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Re: Golden Dolphin and Pearl

Poster: vnend%nudity@Princeton.EDU (David W. James)

David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu> wrote:
> To which Anarra respondeth:

> > Perhaps because such service to a local group, keeping the local group
> > active and viable, is a direct service to the Kingdom.  Without strong, 
> > vibrant local groups, there wouldn't *be* a kingdom worth beans.

> Every local group is in the Kingdom, so yes, you can say that service to
> the local group is service to the Kingdom.  And it is.  But every local
> group is in the SCA, so it is also service to the SCA.  Does that mean
> that a person such as hypothesized (served locally long, but little
> travel, no Kingdom offices or autocratting larger events) deserves a
> Pelican? 


> Dafydd

	Yes.  For suitably large values of 'long'.

	Let say that someone joins a shire, plays when they can, contributes to
the group, and makes it stronger.  After 3-8 years, the local seneschal
and other folks write the crown and local person recieves an AoA.  Cool.

	Another 5 or so years passes.  They hold local office(s).  They provide
an anchor for the group.  They continue to play locally, but now they have
two kids and a mortgage and don't get to travel at all.  But the folks
they've recruited and fostered in the SCA do, and some of them are now
doing Pearl and Dolphin and even Laurel, Pelican and Chivalry level
stuff.  At this point our original person, through hard work at their
local level, has significantly enriched the kingdom and the SCA, and
should definately be considered for a higher award.

	Another 5 years passes.  The group has grown.  Rather than become a
barony it has split into two Shires, and one of them has a college in
it.  Our hard worker is still in the thick of things.  By now they
definately should have a Dolphin, wether they travel or not.

	Keep that up for another 10-15 years and demonstrate that they have the
other qualities we expect of our peers, and there is no reason why they
shouldn't have a Pelican for service, or a Laurel, if they have
sufficient expertice in some area.

	When I was in the East, we would certainly consider long local service
as service to the kingdom when considering people for Silver Crescents.
It probably took longer if you just served locally than if you held a
kingdom office or travelled, but we certainly believed that people
deserved it for local service.

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