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Re: Golden Dolphin and Pearl

Poster: Suzanne Metzler <0002152178@mcimail.com>

Annara wrote:

<<I think I've now got the gist of what everyone's been saying about this.  
<<The gist seems to be that more people are more aware of Kingdom-level service.
<<Some people count Kingdom-level more than local, but the award itself tilts
<<either way.
<<Which goes to the main question I had:  Should I recommend people to TRM 
<<and TRH who have performed exempliary service locally but not kingdom-wide; 
<<or is that an inappropriate recommendation?  The answer seems to be 
<<'Go for it'.
<<Does that jive with the sentiment the rest of you (who have working mail 
<<servers this week ;) have read?

I do not think that this exactly what has been said in the postings
but, I do think you should go ahead and recommend these people to
 their royaly majesties, copy the Principal of the OGD or Pearl,(and Baron(ess)
is applicable, as people
deserving of notice and ask that these individuals be placed on the
watch list(s) and allow TRMs to make the decision as to what award, if
any to give them at this time.  Whatever, the "standards" are for the orders, 
awards are given out
at the pleasure of TRM with advice (but note that consent is not required)
of the Order.  My practice is to bring deserving people to their attention,
suggest possible awards (like AoA, etc.) or suggest they be placed
on the watch list, and let it go at that.

When I write in award recommendations
or watch list recommendations I take special care to give clear and
specific examples of why that individual is doing something ABOVE AND BEYOND, 
and to indicate that they are providing something more than just occasional 

For example for a service award I might say Nellie
Newcomer (m/k/a Joan Doe)who has been in the SCA x amount of time,
has done the following exemplary service worthy of your recognition
over the course of y period: made 23 tunics for the newcomer closet,
hosted 5 newcomer meetings, helped in the kitchen of our group's events
xyz held on dates and in next group overs events abc held on dates,
that she has provided free copies of 15 diffent phamplets and took
off from work to help at 4 elementary school demos where she did ...
(specifiying what she did).  

If I think that this service is exemplary, or has beyond local group
applicabilty, I explain why and make my case.  I list any other
ways this person fulfills the ideals of the Society in her demeanor,
work in the arts, sciences, marshall arts and/or service. Since,it
it is always easier to justify awards to people who are well-rounded.
I also like to suggest when I know the individual may be attending
an event that TRM might be attending. Finally, I leave information
on how they can contact me if they need more specifics or any other
additional queries about the individual.

Then, I ask others to write in on that person's behalf as well - i.e.
the autocrats/cooks of the events that person helped at, the demo officer
running the demos where she helped, the chatelaine/castellan for whom
she made the garb, the seneschal(le)and/or Baron(ess) of the local group.
By asking others to write in you are bringing that person to various
people's attention and building support for your candidate.  

By being specific, you give TRM an opportunity to go back to the Baron(ess),
peers, members of orders, local officers or anyone else they might
know to confirm your recommendation.  

I wanted to added my voice to the cry that you need not be a member
of an order or have an awad yourself to recommend someone else.

I hope the above helped and did not just add to the general noise and confusion
here on this topic.

[taking a large swig from my now warm beer]

Tehair MacDiarmada

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