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Re: Awards and Stuff

Poster: Kymber Miner <kymber@mindspring.com>

>Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu> writes
>How about "Thank You Very Much?"
>We have a huge variety of methods of recognizing and encouraging service.
>How about saying "Thank You?"  You can say it in private, you can say it
>in Court, you can say it on the Merry Rose, you can supplement it with a

YES!  ABSOLUTELY!!!!!  The most wonderful "awards" that I have ever gotten
in all of my time in the SCA were as simple as Thank You.  They mean more
than anything that can be announced with trummets and all the trappings.
Just hearing from someone that you made their experience, their time in the
SCA better.  *gee*  Does it get better than that?

We are a society that works solely through the efforts of one another, it
would not be any fun, and frankly would not exist, without all of the litle
things that EVERYONE pitches in to do, at events, in paperwork, as an
officer ... Thank people for the efforts that they make.

Enough of my soapbox.  I think I will go out and appriciate someone ...
perhaps over a good mead here in the corner?


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