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Corun's further questions

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

> And what is puzzling me is whether the only award Earl Dafydd does NOT have
> is his Dukedom (and whether Guido has purchased that Bishopric yet). <g>
> In service,
> Corun

No way, I'm missing a bunch.  Although I think I grandfathered my way into
the Yew Bow, as I believe it encompasses anyone who received the previous
archery awards of the Kings Missileers and the ... Nimrod.  (Guess which
one I was :^)

The most glorious of which is the Lady of the Rose, which I don't intend
to aspire to (as it involves surgery).  The Ladies of the Rose have
honored me by giving me their favour, however.  It was, to my memory, the
only time I've been surprised by an award/whatever, and nearly the only
time in living memory I've been speechless, when Countess Fern and Grafin
Judith presented me with the favour of the Ladies of the Rose a month or
so after the Crown tourney Thorbrandr won. 

As for that malcontent, that recreant knave, that ... rogue, Conte
Guidobaldi, the last I heard he was trying for Pope, not Bishop.  Although
maybe he considers a Bishopric to be a reasonable stepping stone to the
Papacy.  But I hear he is in Italy, and I don't travel there much.  Still,
I hope that even in Italy it is not possible to actually _buy_ a


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