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Re: buying bishoprics

Poster: carl christianson <einar@cvn.net>

>As for that malcontent, that recreant knave, that ... rogue, Conte
>Guidobaldi, the last I heard he was trying for Pope, not Bishop.  Although
>maybe he considers a Bishopric to be a reasonable stepping stone to the
>Papacy.  But I hear he is in Italy, and I don't travel there much.  Still,
>I hope that even in Italy it is not possible to actually _buy_ a

Hmmm... not as up on Church history as on other things, but you could make
a case that it was *theoretically* possible.  Papal nepotism skated an
awfully fine line on this issue.  So, Dafydd, it just depends how well
connected Guido is - and whether or not he's the patron for any really
talented fresco artists!! <g>

Henry III of England actually obtained a bishopric for one of his de
Lusignan half-brothers.  This incensed many local prelates, not so much for
the fact that the young man was given a benefice he had not earned, but
because he was a rakehell - boozing it up, wenching, etc., etc.  If that
could happen in England, it could DEFINITELY happen in Italy.

I am sure that Guido is behaving badly, Dafydd... after all, he has a
reputation to maintain!  Although if he really wants to be Pope, he really
needs to become cardinal...  ;->

Elen Prydydd
Einar Thorgrimmson

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