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not llamas any more

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Myrddin wrote:

>...But I think you could make fabric or wares out of
>llamas hair as long as its at least remotely related to some texture of
>period cloth or wares. This is the modern middle ages after all:P

One of the strengths of the SCA is the vast range in the degree one can be
interested and still participate.  From the prson who is only here to socialize
to the greatest in-depth researcher - the SCA welcomes these and everyone in

I liked Lady Magdalena's response, that she would do what she could with the
matterials she had and explain the heck out of it in her documentation.

Personally, I would try to document that Vikings had access to llama hair.  In
the face of that glaring lack of evidence :) I would use the llama hair for
something else.

The original poster wants to make a something out of llama hair that was later
period and documentable.

Myrddin advocates going ahead and using llama because it's rather like wool and

All four approches are equally valid.  And I LIKE that about the SCA.

        - Anarra, 9th Century Viking
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