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best awards

Poster: susan@eecs.tufts.edu (Susan M. Lauber)

	The best "award" I have recieved was at Gulf Wars V and it was
a special Thank-You.  THe local barroness took the time before the war
to create some mini scrolls that said thank you and placed then in small
totebags that had been printed up like the Gulf Wars V T-shirts.  She
then asked each of the people responsible for various duties during the
war to give the thanks out to those people who volunteered LOTS.  It was
a privet thankyou from those I worked with but also had a small momento
that I treasure as a memory of an EXCELLENT event.

	This type of recognition can be given by anyone at anytime and
to the same people over and over.  When said sincerely, a simple thank-you
and a request to server again can make a person's day.

Lady Quenthryth of Laure
Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia

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