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Not Everything is a Nail

Poster: John Strauss <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

I've been reading the thread on awards with some interest. I've kept
silent, largely because, before I can say anything, Dafydd has said the
same thing only better. 

But I thought I would share with you some information about a brand new
award, which my lady refers to as the "Matilda Hanscombe Award for
Excellence in Cooking". 

This shire has a monthly potluck revel. The food here isn't bad. The group
has two Laurels, both in cooking, and a lot of attention is given to food,
both period and non-period. But Matilda noticed that, each month, one dish
tends to really stand out, and it's always made by a different person, so

In recognition of that pattern, she has created this new award. Last
night, she formally gave out the award for the first time. The ceremonial
presentation of the award goes like this: 

1) Matilda fills up her plate and samples everything. The award criteria
is similar to UA's Beaufort Chair: she picks the one she likes best. 

2) Having selected a winning entry, Matilda says, "Who made the _______?"

3) Whoever made it fesses up.

4) Matilda says, "It sure is tasty. Thank you."

I haven't won the award, yet. But I hope to, someday.


       John Strauss             |    Henry Best, OP       
       Lexington, KY            |    Dragonsmark, Midrealm      
       jstrauss@gmu.edu         |    "Jugate Potentum Gaudii"

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