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Re: Order of the Pearl and Teaching

Poster: Susan and Ken Reed <nachtanz@mail.patriot.net>

>Poster: Suzanne Metzler <0002152178@mcimail.com>
>In a message dated 97-06-12 15:51:33 EDT, Dame Teleri Talgellawg writes:
><< I beg to differ here. I consider both teaching and research to be arts in
> themselves (not everyone who does a "craft" well can teach well) , and when
> sufficiently good, should be recognized with a Pearl. Think of it this way,
> what a good teacher/researcher who presents his/her research produces are
> educated people. Since the SCA is an historical and educational society, I
> think these are two of the most appropriate "arts" we can recognize.
>  >>
>In a message date June 12, 1997 Baroness Morgaine de la Flamme responded
><<...my further thoughts after this
><<posting being along the lines of  the fact that teaching and research could
><<be considered sufficient unto themselves as arts.  They do, however, tend to
><<be a much more ephemeral thing.... as opposed to actually having the
><<handiwork of a gentle in front of one to peruse at leisure! :::smiling:::
>I disagree with you Baroness Morgaine.  You can base your decision on
> a product of research and
>teaching:  it is called a research paper.  This paper could show up
>in the form of an article for the Complete Anachronist, The TI, the
>Oak, the local Baronial special A&S newsletter (e.g. the Barony of
>Ponte Alto has the "Gustti et Fatti" [sp?] which is a once a year special
>A&S only edition of their newsletter)or regular newsletter,
>a handout at a University/Collegium, or documentation at an A&S

Dame Teleri replies:

I knew I should have put a "smiley face" after the "educated people"
remark. If I was to evaluate people on research or teaching skills, I would
look at the *quality* and *frequency* of not only their research papers,
but also their workshops, demonstrations, research papers, and displays
based on the criteria that Lady Tehair spelled out in her posting. For
example, I have seen one display at a Kingdom Twelfth Night several years
ago that was well researched and museum quality in itself--while it did
display a "craft" made by the displayer, it was presented in a way that put
that item in its social and cultural context. I came away understanding a
great deal more about Anglo-Saxon society from this display. I felt that
the displayer was as commendable as an "historian" as she was a
"craftswoman." While research papers/articles are an excellent way to
display research/teaching abilities, classes, workshops, demonstrations,
and museum-type displays are also good ways to do this as well.

Teleri Talgellawg
[briefly coming out of retirement from the Sisters of the Common Life]

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