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Re: atlantia V1 #360

Poster: bearslayer@juno.com (Christopher M Dawson)

On Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:49:26 -0700 blackbow@sprynet.com writes:
>Actually, the way I heard it was that the foil in question had already 
>disallowed for competition, and the gentle in question didn't realize 
>that the 
>marshals meant *at all*, and not just for tournament play, and used it 
>practice.  AFAIK, nobody's ever had a problem with a TCA foil if it 
>was good to 
>start with.  But that last is simply hearsay on my part.  Nikolai, any 
>documented problems with fresh-off-the shelf stuff?
>Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
>Clan O'Shannon

Are you subscribed to the Rapier net??  I was still on it when all the
stuff came down on the accident.....
all the sudden lots of fencers were talking about how the TCA *foils*
were wearing out much faster than most other types of foils, on personal
experience I have one friend who is very upset that her blade broke after
2 months of intermitent fighting (about once every two weeks!!) another
TCA foil that kinked on the first use... Another, who is using a lames
from TCA, is very happy with it, so if one goes with TCA I would recomend
the lames blades...

In Service,
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