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Re: You too can be a Rose.

Poster: "Erica Stark" <ejstark@hotmail.com>

Now read carefully-

Leifr wrote:

>His Excellency, Earl Dafydd, seems to inadvertantly mislead...
(Dafydd wrote:)

>> No way, I'm missing a bunch (of awards).
>> The most glorious of which is the Lady of the Rose, which I don't 
>> to aspire to (as it involves surgery).   

>The Order of the Rose is open to any who have served as the Consort to 
>the Soverign of a Laurel Kingdom.  Therefore, it is possible for Earl 
>Dafydd to obtain membership by agreeing to stand as the Consort to a 
>willing to fight for him in Crown. 
>In Service
>Leifr Johansson
 If I read correctly, His Excellency never said it would require surgery 
to become a _Lord_ of the Rose.  A Dafydd reign could be a lot of fun 
though, in either role.

BTW, I must be spending tooo much time reading rec.gardens.roses.  You 
don't want to know what flashed through my fevered brain when I saw your 

Erica Stark

who has Don Juan tied to the fence (only a couple of blooms so far this 
spring, though)

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