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Poster: teege1@juno.com (Thomas J Kirchner)

Begging many peoples pardons.....

OK... here's the deal as *I* know it... ( i may be wrong, don't shoot...
it's not period.)

I had suggested Trippelette (sp) as a source for STUFF.... not
necessarily their SMITHING.... I personally have a jacket which was
custom made for me by them in my colors... spiffy... i also have the
house brand "triple weapon mask" BUT... I have a FRANCE-LAMES no. 5.

ANNNND... as far as *I* know.. the only deal with TRIPPELLETTE BRAND
blades is that they make TWO different types of foil and THREE (or four)
types of epee... NOW... the deal is this.. some versions of the blades
are made to be softer... for olympic "wire weanies".. the rest are
practice (or too wide ie: musketeer or double wide...) 

ANNND.... the stuff where that person had gotten poked with a broken
weapon (epee i believe) occurred when a down-checked blade was not
permanently marked...(Bent into a pretzel shape here in Lochmere!)  and
the fighter being rather new went home thinking that the blade was just
spiffy.. FOR PRACTICE.. and just not that EVENT... any how.. when he (or
she) poked.. they poked...

OK.. If I am wrong please do correct... but this is how I understand it
from the roundtable discussions @ Atlantian University....

(Gerlach, was that mess I just spouted right?)

thanka you a very much....

In chivalrous service to Atlantia,
Thomas von Leipzig
Thomas Kirchner

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