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Re: You too can be a Rose.

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

The Fair and Honorable Lady Erica, Imprisoner of Don Juan, wrote:

> Now read carefully-
> Leifr wrote:
> >His Excellency, Earl Dafydd, seems to inadvertantly mislead...
> >
> (Dafydd wrote:)
> >> No way, I'm missing a bunch (of awards).
> >> 
> >> The most glorious of which is the Lady of the Rose, which I don't 
> >> intend to aspire to (as it involves surgery).   
> >The Order of the Rose is open to any who have served as the Consort to 
> >the Soverign of a Laurel Kingdom.  Therefore, it is possible for Earl 
> >Dafydd to obtain membership by agreeing to stand as the Consort to a 
> >lady willing to fight for him in Crown. 

Erica wrote:

>  If I read correctly, His Excellency never said it would require surgery 
> to become a _Lord_ of the Rose.  A Dafydd reign could be a lot of fun 
> though, in either role.

Which is why I said "Inadvertently mislead".  The full title is not 
"Lady of the Rose", it is "Companion of the Order of the Rose".  Earl 
Dafydd, in his humor, implies a restriction of the order to members of 
the gentler sex, which does not really apply.  Now he may not aspire to 
the Order, but he is certainly not forbidden it by accident of birth.

I'm glad to hear that you have Don Juan blooming.  I hope he will prove 
most fruitful this year.

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