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Welcome to the Academie d'Espee

Poster: "Michael J. Lonski" <mlonski@aclltd.com>

Greetings to all gentles who receive these words from Lord Aedan,

In the name of Master Geoffrey Gamble, Principle of our Order, I
would like to welcome one and all to come and visit the halls of
the Academie d'Espee, that is to say, the "school" which guides
the manner and study of the gentle art of rapier combat here in
the fair Kingdom of Atlantia. The Academie can be found at:


The A d'E is NOT the rapier marshallate here, rather than the
details of "what" we are doing, it concerns itself with the
"why" and "how" involved in recreating the art of defense.

Again, I invite you to come visit.  Hopefully you shall enjoy
your stay.  Alas, we do not have a visitor's book but any comments
you care to leave at this address (listed at the site) will
be most welcome.

I bid you all a pleasant morning and remain...

Lord Aedan Aylwyn, Provost
Lord Aedan Aylwyn, Provost             Seneschal
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