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June Kingdom Returns (heraldry)

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

For those without web access (or ability), here are returns from the June
Atlantian LOI meeting...  I have included *some* of the commentary, but not
all since some is quite lengthy.  If you wish more explanation for certain
items, please contact either myself or Master Herveus.

Please also note that this LOI session covered items received from May 1st
through May 30th and processed 35 name items and 34 armory items for a total
of 69 items processed.



Alastar MacMathghamhna - device
Vert, a trefoil argent.
This device conflicts with Azure, a trefoil stalked argent registered to
Olwen of Buchland.  There is a CD for the field, but no others.  It also
conflicts with Vert, a trefoil slipped argent within a bordure embattled Or,
registered to the Kingdom of the Outlands for their Order of the Trefoil.
There is a CD for the addition of the bordure but no others.

Alison MacLeod - device
Per pall vert, gules and sable, a hand holding an arrow fesswise argent, a
sun Or, and a rayed crescent bendwise argent.
The device is being returned for four reasons.  First, the parts of the
field do not have sufficient contrast.  In a per pall field, one of the
parts must have good contrast with the others.  As all are colors, this
condition does not exist.  Second, the primary charge group (which is all of
the charges present) is "slot-machine".  That is, the charge group contains
more than two types of charges.  I count a hand, an arrow, a sun, and a
crescent, with the rays perhaps counting as a fifth.  This would be much
better with the same charge in each part of the field.  Third, the unusual
treatment of the crescent is one of which I am completely unaware.  Fourth,
there was no outline copy of the armory. I must have an outline drawing of
the design to including in the letter of intent.

Citadel of the Four Winds - name and device resubmission
Per fess indented Or and vert, on a tower argent masoned sable a laurel
wreath vert, on a bordure sable five maple leaves Or.
This submission was returned in Oct 1996 by Atlantia for failure to include
a petition. However, this overlooked the fact that this exact name was
returned by Laurel in November 1993. At that time, Laurel said: "The name as
formed does not appear to follow any period exemplars that the commenters
could find. Would the submitters consider something like "Windburgh"?" As
the submission includes no justification for the formation of the name, I
must return this again. I will be glad to offer what assistance I can to
help the group come up with a name that does follow period exemplars. The
device is being returned because the name is being returned. In addition, as
submitted, the tower is really a dark gray with black masoning, against
which the green laurel wreath has marginal contrast at best. I would
recommend that the tower be left white with the masoning done in a finer
pen. With that change, the design is registerable, barring conflict and is a
fine design.

Connor Mordred Campbell - badge
Per fess indented azure and sable, in chief a crescent argent
This is being returned because I can find no evidence that this name has
been submitted or registered. Armory cannot be registered without a name. In
addition, I did not have a drawing.  It is possible that this was merely a
stray submission form that I found and processed for this month.

Cristopharus filius Philippi - device
Quarterly: 1 gules, on a lozenge sable fimbriated argent a chalice Or; 2&3
bendy sinister vert and Or; 4 gules a cross of Jerusalemn argent
This device is being returned because it has the appearance of marshalled
armory.  The blazon I have given accentuates that condition.  See Rule XI.3
from the Rules for Submission (snipped for brevity - see Rhiannon if you
wish the text). Further the item I blazoned as a cross of Jerusalem is
actually more sable than argent with excessively thin lines.

Dionisia Ashworth - device resubmission
Per chevron argent and gules, a dragon sejant argent and a flower Or.
This device is being returned for unidentifiability of the "flower". It does
not resemble any known flower; neither is it an octofoil (the "seed" is way
too butch, and I'd expect the foils to be smooth not angular). It resembles
a sun, slightly, and even more slightly an escarbuncle.  In short, we can't
tell what it really is.

Erika ni Deadra - device
Sable, three piles argent each charged with a rose proper, in base a
unicorns horn fesswise argent.
Returned for non-period style.  Piles in period armory extend nearly to the
base of the field, such that there is no room to place a charge beneath
them, even to pass the base of a laurel wreath. These piles are far too
short to pass muster.  This will need some significant design changes.

Magnus Nauta - household name and badge
(Fieldless) a torc of knotwork, inverted Or
Household name of Gwythwch Pen Hydd.

Household name returned for not following period naming practices.  Badge
returned for being unreproducable from the blazon.  (Remainder of commentary
snipped for brevity.)

Mathaeus Blades - device
Azure, on a plate a lion rampany contourny purpure.
This is being returned for conflict with Azure, a plate charged with a
cauldron and a domestic cat in its curiosity sable.  Rhithyn yr Gwlad yr
Hav, SCA. There is a CD for the changes to the charges on the roundel but no

Ragnachar Wyrmymbgyrdan - name and device
Vert, an Ouroboros Or

This name is being returned. The submitter's documentation does not support
the assertion that the given name is a properly constructed di-thematic
name.  Neither was I able to find documentation to support this claim.
Specifically, I could find no documentation of the name Chlodochar,
mentioned by the submitter. In addition, documentation of that name would
also need to show that it is di-thematic, or particularly that -char is a
valid deuterotheme. The device is being returned because I cannot send out
armory without a name to register it to.  (Remainder of commentary snipped
for brevity)

Rosamund du Grasse - device
Argent on a chevron Or between two roses gules and a tree blasted and
eradicated sable two stalks of something purpure.

The device is being returned for several reasons. First, the chevron does
not have adequate contrast with the field. It is Or on argent. The colored
pictures had a heavy black line, suggesting fimbriation, but the outline
drawing clearly had no fimbriation and the colored version was too thin for
adequate fimbriation. Second, the device is overly complex. As a rule of
thumb, the total count of different tinctures and different types of charge
should not exceed eight. This design uses five tinctures (argent, Or, gules,
purpure, sable) and four types of charges (chevron, rose, tree, stalk). A
design that has a strong central focus and is balanced might be registerable
with a count greater than eight. However, with the secondary charge group
containing two types of charge, the central focus is disturbed. This must be
returned.  In addition, as there was no blazon supplied by the submitter, I
could not tell exactly what the charges on the chevron were meant to be.


Luigi Santini di Sutera - device
Or, a dragon volant and two trees vert one and two, on a chief sable three
mullets Or.
I am pending this for a month to ensure that the drawing I created is
acceptable to the submitter as they have not actually seen it.

Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

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