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Re: wrong spelling

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> As per one of my old Spanish teachers who actually lived near them in their
> native habitat, in English we say "lama", but spell it llama.  If, however,
> you are speaking Spanish or are correctly pronouncing any Spanish words you
> use, even when mixed with English, you must say "yama".

It depends on what kind of Spanish you're speaking.

In some places you'd make the "ll" sound like the 'j' in "jasmine",
so the word would sound like /JAH-mah/.

In some places you'd make the "ll" like the "lli" in "million",
so it'd sound like /LYAH-mah/ (That's the way Monty Python say it).
I'm guessing that's the way the original Quechua word was pronounced.
If the indios had pronounced it "YAH-mah", wouldn't the
castillanos have spelled it "yama"?

-- Alfredo

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