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Heraldry questions (short!)

Poster: Joyce Baldwin <jocetta@ibm.net>

Good gentles,

I have a couple of questions about heraldry.  If one of the gentles here
could tell me the address of the heralds mailing list, I could post them
there with a request for a private response (since I'm not on that

This is not to say that the recent discussions about heraldry haven't
been interesting, but for some reasons heralds like to talk about
heraldry (surprise).  Since these questions tend to generate a lot of
responses, I thought to avoid clogging the tavern with more technical
details, I'd go somewhere where the heralds hang out and ask them there.

The comments on Kingdom returns are quite a different kettle of fish
than my itty-bitty questions.  Please keep posting them!

On a different topic -

Wah!  I don't have a fence -- I don't get to tie up Don Juan!  I never
have any fun (pout).

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