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Acorn Letter, KRM

Poster: Phillip Jones <jonesj@FTC-I.NET>

Greetings to all!

If my calculations are correct, you'll be reading this just before
Pennsic, so Have Fun, and be safe!! Unfortunately, I will not be able to
attend, but a deputy WILL be at Pennsic.  

Please take a moment to read the attached list. These folks are the
marshals I have paperwork on. I realize that there may be some
omissions, so please let me know if you should be on this list.

We don't have many requirements of marshals, but we need to institute
more formal reporting procedures. RMIC's need to send me a report within
30 days of an event UNLESS there is an injury or a broken blade.
Injuries MUST be brought to my attention within 48 hours. 

ANY time a blade is broken, I'd like to hear about it. I'd like to know
what led to the breakage, where the blade broke, what kind of break it
was, the age of the blade, and the manufacturer, etc. Collecting this
information will help us ensure safety.

In order to update the kingdom files I need to get the following
information on each marshal _BY_ September First. Duke Richard asked for
similar information, but the response was less than overwhelming. 

	Modern name
	Society name
	Region (barony, canton, or at-large)

 Rapier Marshal's Name List
 Region                      Last Name                   First Name
 at-large                    Slice                       David
 at-large                    Smith                       Alan
 at-large                    Creighton                   Richard
 at-large                    Davis                       James
 at-large                    Glewwe                      Greg
 at-large                    Goldman                     Linda
 at-large                    Moore                       Robert
 at-large                    Morgan                      Jeffrey
 at-large                    Robinson                    Sean
 at-large                    Toscano                     James
 Attillium                   Burleigh                    David
 Bright Hills                Howe                        Timothy
 Buckston-on-Eno             Williams                    Paul
 Caer Mear                   Lonski                      Michael
 Dun Carraig                 Cox                         Chris
 Falcon Cree                 Stachniak                   Lawrence
 Guardians of Sacred Stone   Ham                         William
 Hawkwood                    Bauman                      Thomas
 Isenfir                     Whitney                     Johnathan
 Kestrel's Keep              Jones                       Phillip
 Lochmere                    Sams                        Laura
 Ponte Alto                  Northrip                    Ronald
 Ponte Alto                  Reed                        Ken
 Ponte Alto                  Sheets                      Steve
 Sacred Stone                Jacks                       Tim
 Storvik                     Lovelace                    Tanner
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