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Assistance Please

Poster: "Kate Spears" <kspears@fdic.gov>

I need some assistance of the gentle folk who attended the Sword & 
Compass/Regional War Practice event.  There was a photographer from a local 
newspaper there, and among the pictures he took (yes, I'm arranging for 
copies!) was one of two small children, one in a blue/grey tunic, the other 
in a harlequin print tunic.  It is a lovely picture of them, but he needs to 
identify who they are in order to use it, and I was unable to identify them.  
If anyone knows who they are, and/or how to reach their parents, I would 
really appreciate the information. As they hope to print the article in next 
weeks issue, I need the information ASAP.  

Also, since my work does not allow me to subscribe to the list, please 
respond privately.  Thanks for your help!
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