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Re: a Cordial Thank You

Poster: Neil Maclay <nmaclay@psi.prc.com>

Tibor wrote:
>These concentrated
>alcohols were then used to create cordials by infusing with herbs.  The
>resulting flavors, if you had used say a cherry wine to make the liqueur and
>then used that to make a rose cordial, might WELL taste similar (yet clearly
>distinct) from using a clear alcohol base and fresh cherries with roses.

I am not a distiller nor am I a researcher of Medieval distilling.
I am an occational consumer of distilling and have tried many different
liquers over my many years. Marachino is distilled from cherries but
it is not sweet. Instead it is a quite dry clear distillate with only
a hint of cherry in its aftertaste. It tastes quite different from the
cherry cordials that I have sampled. Similarly, slivovitz is distilled
from plums but is not very sweet. I suspect that using a brandy distilled
form cherries and infusing it with rose would be more close to the
result of infusing a clear alcohol with rose than that of alcohol infused
with cherries and roses.

Of course this is just a guess and only experiment will confirm or deny
it. I will be glad to taste the results of someones efforts to do this
experiment. For scientific reasons only, of course!

	Your Hopefull Experimental Subject,
		Malcolm MacMalcolm
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