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Re: Backward documentation

Poster: viking@groupz.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen;Maria Munitz)

>Poster: Carol_O'Leary@ed.gov (Carol O'Leary)
>     Greetings to all at Cheapside!  I have been following the discussion 
>     of cordials and documentation with some interest and wish, with 
>     absolutely no disrespect intended to Lady G or her work, to point out 
>     a relatively common fallacy in her search.
Let me make this clear.  I made a cherry rose cordial from pure
inspiration, for the artistic sake only, for the enjoyment of my friends
and family.  I had no forethought about entering it into competition nor
any concern over whether or not it was period.  Later someone said I should
enter it in an A&S competition.  So I thought to try some documentation. 
If nothing comes up in the search, oh well, I'll have learned other
valuable information in the attempt. 
 I once was told by an expert in the East Kingdom that I had managed to
recreate a 14th C Polish cherry cordial (sweet and fruity), and I had based
what I had done in this recipe on what I had accidentally fallen upon in
that last batch.  He had mentioned a source at the time where I could
document it,  but after 6 years I can't remember what it was.  It was based
on this old information, that I thought it was worth the attempt, since I
knew the source was out there somewhere, and I was hoping that source would
pop up with any others that might be sent to me.  But I knew that there
Already was a source on which to base any documentation.   
  Some people do this sort of round-about type of learning (take a good
look at science).  As a teacher, we find inductive learning as valuable as
deductive learning.  They are both learning.  Neither is a fallacy. And
inspiration is the best learning of all. It is, after all, Creative. 
Lady G 

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