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Alcohol Policy Discussion

Poster: Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <falcone@bellsouth.net>


I want to clarify for some of you that have sent me replies a little
about the policy.

If you read it closely you'll understand that we are not talking about
having naught but dry sites.  The intention is that the SCA, Inc.,
whether kingdom, barony, shire, canton incipients, etc., cannot purchase
or distribute, free or otherwise, any alcoholic beverage, unless it is
to be used for cooking.

Barony A cannot buy a keg for drinking at a feast, for a simple
example.  Branch B cannot fund the manufacture of alcoholic beverage by
the local brewers.  The SCA can't afford liquor liability insurance,
which is something we should have if we are going to involve any alcohol
in an arm's length transaction with event-goers.  Individual's probably
can, but assume the liability themselves.

BTW, this has nothing to do with underage-drinking.  Corpora clearly
states that your local laws govern this issue.  Corpora also states that
any autocrat that see this go on and cannot stop it should remove SCA
santion from the event.  This is already policy, although exteme IMHO.

At the last Curia, there was a discussion concerning this and we
discovered it had little affect, but it did affect a couple of
activities that had grown to tradition.

Please consider how it will affect your local branches, the brewers
guild, etc.

Thank you for your comments.  Please send more.

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