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RE: Alcohol policy

Poster: Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <falcone@bellsouth.net>


Alfredo said:

>Now, maybe we can't leave it at that because we can't trust the branches
>in the US to avoid purchasing and serving alcohol the way US law
>requires.  If so, how can we trust Australians to conform to Australian
>law?  How can we trust the Swedes to conform to Swedish law?
>Shouldn't the Board micromanage them, too, in spite of the difficulty?

Let me point out one of the reasons for leaving it up to local law
outside of the country.  Only in a small part of America is BTOB(Bring
Thine Own Bottle) tacitly illegal, but in some other countries it most
definitely is.  Without this wording, we could effectively cause all
sites and activities in a foreign country to be dry, or not conform to
corpora.  Liability laws being different, the risk for this in their
kingdoms is not comparable to the US.

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