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FW: [EK] FW: (fwd) An East Kingdom/ Ostgardian Loss....

Poster: Louise Sugar <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

FYI.......in case you had not seen this and knew the good lady in question


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-Poster: "Gray, Lyle" <Lyle@Quodata.Com>

>From the Rialto:

>On July 6, a loss was felt within the East Kingdom.... Lady Cassandra the
>Seer ( known in the SCA and the MSR) ,Mother to  Lord Justinian the
>Sluggard, passed on. This fine soul had kind words for all and often
>offered her professional talents as a seamstress to many who needed her
>services. Many will remember her as the seamstress at the Sable Slug
>Emporium, the lady in the back , quietly sewing away..... I will remember
>her as the one who was always willing to help out, listen to your
>troubles, and be all that a friend should be... I was glad to call her
>friend ,and all the others who can say such will share in the knowledge
>that she is no longer in pain and she will forever occupy a  little bit of
>our souls.... Please send condolences  to Lord Justinian at 
>Lady Andrea Caitlin MacIntire
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