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Re: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Lordgaelan@aol.com wrote:

>Somewhere in this proposed wording, it needs to be clearly stated that 
>"Attendees may bring their own alcohol IF they are legal drinking age AND
>that drinking underage will not be tolerated."
>This would give the autocrats more "power" to ask people to leave site if
>someone is caught drinking underage.

More power?  How much more power does an autocrat need than the Law of the
State where the event takes place?  Surely we don't need a rule in *corpora*
to give autocrats the power to enforce the Law?

If someone is caught drinking underage, the autocrat already has all the
authority s/he needs to tell the drinker and the provider of the alcohol to
leave the site.

Enforcement by police if necessary, but that isn't ususally necessary.

Because there is no Law against 501(c)(3) groups purchasing alcohol, there must
needs be a BoD policy if we are to forbid it.  But underage drinking is
adequately covered by the Laws of the States.

        - Anarra
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