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Re: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Tehair writes:
>I believe that if the aim is to insulate the SCA from suit and liability
>and by extension those of its members, the better policy is to either
>(i) not
>allow alcohol to be served at all at any event or official SCA sponsored
>activity; or (ii) to obtain liability insurance of a sufficient amount to
>cover potential problems.  

That is where my questions were leading.

I also think that if we are going to regulate the distribution of alcohol at
SCA events, then there should either be *no* alcohol distributed in such a
way as to be part of an official and announced part of an event (during
feast, lawn parties, bardics announced in the flyers, etc) or we should get
insurance to cover it and not have the regulation.

I don't think this would or should affect private parties distributing alcohol
to people over 21 in their own encampments or to co-feasters at their tables.

I just can't see a jury making a distinction about who actually purchased the
alcohol if it was distributed at an official and announced part of an event in
such a manner that implied SCA sanction of the presence of the alcohol.

And if we didn't have insurance that covered such suits, then we'd end up
paying ourselves.


        - Anarra
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