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FW: [EK] An Ostgardian/East Kingdom loss

Poster: Louise Sugar <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

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> On July 6, a loss was felt within the East Kingdom.... Lady Cassandra the
> Seer ( known in the SCA and the MSR) ,Mother to  Lord Justinian the
> Sluggard, passed on. This fine soul had kind words for all and often
> offered her professional talents as a seamstress to many who needed her
> services. Many will remember her as the seamstress at the Sable Slug
> Emporium, the lady in the back , quietly sewing away..... I will remember
> her as the one who was always willing to help out, listen to your
> troubles, and be all that a friend should be... I was glad to call her
> friend ,and all the others who can say such will share in the knowledge
> that she is no longer in pain and she will forever occupy a  little bit of
> our souls....
>  	Lord Justinian will be sitting shiva in honor of his mother at the Southern
> Regional War Camp from Friday until Sunday. Please drop by to share your
> feelings or send condolences  to Lord Justinian at theslug@panix.com.

To add to the information on the shiva.

It will begin at sundown on Friday and will continue until Sunday.  
Lord Justinian will be available there for the duration of the 
memorial.  We ask that people who will be attending the shiva to be 
traditional and bring some type of food, a stone (not flowers) and 
words of memories.  (I'm not Jewish, so I'll quickly be out of my 
element, but that is what an orthodox friend told me.)

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