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Re: Fruit Soap (Was: SCA Alcohol Policy)

Poster: "Erica Stark" <ejstark@hotmail.com>

>Fruit *soap* would be messy.  Fruit *soup* is a concoction of great
>wonderment, composed of a variety of flavors of alcoholic beverages and
>a variety of fruits (its something like very potent fruit cocktail). 
>The origins of the recipe like in the warped mind of Sir TJ, and as 
>all good things of this sort, I think there is a rule about writing 
>the exact recipe.

>Stuffy Bureauocrat and Party Babe
>(now misty-eyed with reminiscing over the various fruit soup episodes 
>her own life....)

Either way, it sounds rather more tasty than the version I remember from 
my childhood, a non-alcoholic vaguely ethnic scandinavian dish.


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