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Re: Fruit Soap and other assorted (alcoholic) mayhem

Poster: einar@cvn.net (einar)

>> The Stuffy Bureauocrat ;)  wrote:
>> >Annara mentions fruit soup.  Face it, the intent of fruit soup is to
>> >get
>> >schnockered.
>Fruit *soap* would be messy.  Fruit *soup* is a concoction of great
>wonderment, composed of a variety of flavors of alcoholic beverages and
>a variety of fruits (its something like very potent fruit cocktail). 
>Stuffy Bureauocrat and Party Babe
>(now misty-eyed with reminiscing over the various fruit soup episodes in
>her own life....)

Elen Prydydd writes:

Sounds like some stuff I ran into many years ago when I was just a newbie.
Let me give you good gentles fair advice:  if anyone from Trimaris offers
you a drink called "Oh Be Joyful," refuse it!  I was cheerfully given one
mugful of the stuff at my very first kingdom level event by an innocent
friend who was told that it was a fruit juice based (apple juice and peach
nectar) drink with some rum and Amaretto in it.  It didn't taste very
strong, and it went down easy, didn't even really affect me very much.  I
nursed it along for most of the evening.

The next morning I awoke feeling like I'd been kicked in the head
repeatedly by a Clydesdale (for those few souls who don't know what that
is, it's a breed of drafthorses, with REALLY BIG HOOVES).  Another friend
went on a search and destroy mission to find out what the h#@* the stuff
was - and the truth came out:  151 rum, amaretto, apple *brandy* and peach

But, boy, did it taste good...

Elen Prydydd

flaming heretic and wimpy light-weight 

Einar Thorgrimmson
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