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Re: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

>"The SCA will not purchase or provide alcoholic beverages for events,
>other than for use as a cooking ingredient, within the United States of
>America. Attendees may bring their own alcohol if the site permits, and 
>assume all risks and responsibilities by doing so.  Branches outside of 
>the USA may purchase and serve alcohol in accordance with their own 
>government regulations."

I think it's a good policy, but not specific enough.  Here's some questions
based on alcohol I've seen at local events.

I know Terafan offered mead he had brewed to folks at Cuan and Bera's
coronation. I think that falls in with the policy because Terafan brought the
mead, not Caer Mear or Atlantia.

However, that does bring up a question.  What if an SCA group bought honey and
gave it to a brewer and the brewer brought mead to an event? (Ditto for any
other non-alcoholic ingredients for making alcohol.)

Also, what does 'provide' mean?  Does that mean what Terafan did - he purchased
the mead ingredients with his own money and made the mead himself, but he
offered it to all (>21) as part of the event.  Does it make a difference
that he was the autocrat?  What if *I* purchased a keg and offered it to all
(>21) at an event? Would it make a difference if I offered it in the hall or
at my tent?

Lochmere and Caer Mear have an after dusk lawn party at Emerald Joust.  In the
past Caer Mear bought a keg for that.  In 1996, private individuals chipped in
for a keg that was offered to party goers on the list field.  Would either of
these scenarios be allowed, or would the keg have to be purchased with private
funds and offered at a non-public location such as someone's camp site?

And does TJ's fruit soup qualify as "use as a cooking ingredient" or does the
alcohol have to be heated enough for the alcoholic content to evaporate?

I think these points should be specifically addressed.

Thanks for your work on this!!


        - Anarra
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