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RE: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: Kofryna the Goatherd <kofryna@geocities.com>

After browsing  some of the handy government regulations that all
Federal Employees are required to read  (other Federal Workers can guess
at the source), I would suggest that we change the first sentence of the
alcohol policy to read:

"The SCA will not purchase or provide alcoholic beverages for events
nor purchase or provide those ingredients that is intended for the
consumption of alcoholc beverages, other than for use as a incidental
cooking ingredient, within the United States of America. "

Regardless if people agree or disagree with the decision to disallow
groups to purchase alcohol, I think this type of wording should clear up
the obvious loophole that people have been questioning. 

Since I get the digest version, I may have missed a pertinent discussion
on this thread.

Kofryna the Goatherd, Seneschal of Highland Foorde and notorious for
reading regulations
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