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Re: SCA Alcohol Policy

Poster: Scott Burke <stopspam.sburke@exis.net>

At 10:52 7/8/97 -0400, you wrote:
>And folks, its not like we have a choice.  The rule is in place - what
>we (the SCA administration) are looking at here is wording and effect,
>not whether or not to have the rule.
>Stuffy Bureaucrat

How is the rule in place..?  I understood this to be a proposal.

The only rules in place are case precedents finding hosts liable for the
actions of guests at bars/pubs/parties.  I am not aware of 501(c)(3) groups
being restricted from alcohol sales in accordance with state alcohol laws.

It is the responsibility of each adult member of our organization to use
alcohol in an appropriate manner.  Getting schnockered may be a personal
choice, and in my collegiate years happened once or twice in the Society.
However, anyone foolish enough to drive in that condition had better be 
prepared to meet their Maker, the nice officer, or me in my professional

This policy would be akin to a City forbidding the use of alcohol at city
sponsored events: Harborfest (Norfolk/Baltimore), concerts (Richmond/Va Beach).

Merchants/Brewers:  What are the problems with sales of alcoholic beverages
to a non-profit organization?

Seneschals/Executives: What are the problems with sales of alcoholic beverages
from your perspective?

If we eliminate the fears of liability, which already exist, especially at an
individual level - if you're in my camp, drinking my booze, I am responsible
already by case law - what are the society concerns?

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