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Re: Fruit Soap (Was: SCA Alcohol Policy)

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Bonnie A Hindle wrote:
> The Stuffy Bureauocrat ;)  wrote:
> >Annara mentions fruit soup.  Face it, the intent of fruit soup is to
> >get
> >schnockered.
>         Excuse me, but for those of us looking for a somewhat less
> serious note:

> anyway what is fruit soap?? And can I have a copy of the recipe???

Fruit *soap* would be messy.  Fruit *soup* is a concoction of great
wonderment, composed of a variety of flavors of alcoholic beverages and
a variety of fruits (its something like very potent fruit cocktail). 
The origins of the recipe like in the warped mind of Sir TJ, and as with
all good things of this sort, I think there is a rule about writing down
the exact recipe.

[Although I did know someone who had it written down, on the back of an
old Pennsic car tag, which I believe she then had laminated to preserve
the recipe!  :-)]

Stuffy Bureauocrat and Party Babe

(now misty-eyed with reminiscing over the various fruit soup episodes in
her own life....)
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