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Just an Introduction

Poster: "Michelle Leifur Reid" <catwho@bellsouth.net>

Date sent:        Tue, 15 Jul 1997 20:08:01 -0500
From:             Michelle Leifur Reid <catwho@bellsouth.net>
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To:               Michelle Reid <catwho@bellsouth.net>
Subject:          Introduction

Hallo to all good people!

I felt before I would pst that I could at least introduce myself.  My
name is Elinor of Exton and I am in Arenal although I do not
participate with the shire.  I am a medievalist by heart and relish
studies.  I have specialties in sewing (alot of periods up to about
1450), cooking, heraldry, music (I play 4 different sizes of recorder
as well as sing soprano and alto), and I love historical research.  My
recent addition to studies has been children in the Middle Ages.  I
have been in the SCA for 15 years, living in (what is now) The
Outlands, Caid, An Tir, and Meridies.  Actually if you put them in
order it is Outlands (2 mos), Meridies (7 years), Caid (6 mos), An Tir
(6 years) and Meridies again (2.5 years).  I have gone by several
names during these many years including (but not limited to) Marywoode
MacLauren, Cailtidh nicFhionnolaigh, and Melbrigda bena Cato.  I am
married to Cato ap Brion (never changed his name) and we have two
darling daughters Gwyndylyn ferch Cato and Marie de Montgris (ages 5
and 2 respectfully)  We are also owned by a white cat named CatBan. 
(White cat in Gaelic - yeah I know really original!)

In RRL (Real real life) I am a stay at home mom of two kids, one
husband and a cat.  I bake. I sew. I sit in front of my puter.  I play
the piano. And I am a La Leche League Leader (for those of you
unfamiliar - that is a mom-to-mom support group for breastfeeding.) 

Well, that is a little about me.  So excuse me if I just start jumping
in and putting my 2 pence worth in.

THL Elinor of Exton

Silence is the true herald of joy!
W. Shakespeare
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