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Re: Event garb in Persona

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Rosine asked:
>> Here's a question for discussion..... Since many of our events are
>> "themed", i.e. MiddleEastern, Celtic, Japanese, etc.., which is
>> preferable - coming as yourself in your persona's period garb, but
>> thereby "jarring" the background, or trying to have one outfit that is
>> correct to the time/place of the theme, and thereby being "out of
>> persona"?

Personally, I don't go to such events that are out of my period.  I feel it is
somewhat rude to go to a Japanese (for example) event as a Viking.  And I have
no Japanese garb (and no interest in making such).  Furthermore, I probably
wouldn't have as much fun at such an event even if I borrowed Japanese Garb.

However, there are LOTS of folks in Atlantia who *would* have fun at such an
event.  So I encourage such focused events.  Would that I could have gone to
"Not Enough Saxon Violence!"  What fun that would have been for me, especially
if everyone was dressed in Saxon or Viking clothes!!!

And if I was that excited about an event focused on my culture, I know others
must be at least as excited about events focused on their cultures.

I wouldn't want themed events to become the norm, though.  Just a few here and
there.  And for Kingdom events, I prefer the current trend of "we'd like you to
dress this way, but don't feel bad if you dress some other way" over any
hint of "Dress this way or else".  It's everybody's Kingdom.  Everybody
should feel welcome.

        - Anarra

Who's coming to Viking Thyng???

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