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Re: Event garb in Persona

Poster: michael.f.dullaghan@adn.alcatel.com (Mike Dullaghan)

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Evan (Dave Montuori) writes:
> > basically, let's say we're at a 14th century Flemish fair; I mentally
> > rationalize my dressing up in 14th century Flemish garb by imagining
> > myself as a 16th century Dane dressing up in 14th century garb to attend
> > a 16th century fair based on 14th century Flanders.  And that's part of
> > the reason why I went with such a late-period persona ...
> > 
> > YEAAGH!  After reading the above paragraph, my brain hurts.  Does anyone
> > else understand what I just wrote?
> I got it.
> > Karen Harris
> >   because Karen Larsdatter wouldn't know about this sort of thing ...
> Oh, she'd know about it, just at one step closer: she's dressing up as a
> 14th century Fleming to go to a 14th-century-Flemish theme party. That she
> (K. Larsdatter) is a 16th-century Dane, going to a 16th century fair, is
> the part she wouldn't know -- or, more accurately, wouldn't give a first
> thought about. Of *course* she's a 16th century Dane -- it *is* the 16th
> century and she's from Denmark!
> Evan, whose earlier persona has come up with any number of wild excuses
> for where/how could have been assembled such an eclectic mix as Atlantia
> has...                                          ^^^^^^^^ 

No problem. We're all Underhill, or in the Dreamtime, or...

   You're In MY World Now! Bwah Hah Hah!
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