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Re: Event garb in Persona

Poster: karen@georesearch.com (Karen Green)

Rosine asked:

> Here's a question for discussion..... Since many of our events are
> "themed", i.e. MiddleEastern, Celtic, Japanese, etc.., which is
> preferable - coming as yourself in your persona's period garb, but
> thereby "jarring" the background, or trying to have one outfit that is
> correct to the time/place of the theme, and thereby being "out of
> persona"?

Personally, I would say to make an attempt at the garb which is
suggested by the theme.  "Karen Larsdatter" is a fairly hip Dane; I
rationalize it by realizing that re-enactment/re-creation is also
period, and that's what my (16th-century) persona is doing.  So
basically, let's say we're at a 14th century Flemish fair; I mentally
rationalize my dressing up in 14th century Flemish garb by imagining
myself as a 16th century Dane dressing up in 14th century garb to attend
a 16th century fair based on 14th century Flanders.  And that's part of
the reason why I went with such a late-period persona ...

YEAAGH!  After reading the above paragraph, my brain hurts.  Does anyone
else understand what I just wrote?

Karen Harris
  because Karen Larsdatter wouldn't know about this sort of thing ...
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