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Electronic edition of the 1994 Marshal's Handbook

Poster: Kai Scheppe <scheppe@hpel.cees.edu>

Greetings unto all sends Lord Maximilian Alois von Brandenberg  

May this day find you well.

I have had the pleasure to convert the most current version (1994) of the
SCA Marshal's Handbook into an electronically palatable form under the
guidance of Duke Richard Fitzgilbert, Earl Marshal to Atlantia and his
Lieutenant Marshal Duke Glmr Ingolfsson.

I have changed the format, but not content, slightly to make use of basic
capabilities of HTML, such as providing links to the pertinent sections
from menus.  Furthermore, you can of course use the search capabilities of
your browser to look for keywords in the text.

You may find this document at the SCA Home Page in 

Arts of Combat section at

and at the Society Officers section at

Hopefully, if everything goes well, this document may serve as the basis
for future updates of this document, so please make sure to check back
periodically for updates.

I have also made available several versions in text based formats (MSWORD
7.0, WP 6.0, WP WIN 5.x and ASCII - all with graphic included) fully zipped
(~70K each) all of which can be downloaded directly from the main page of
the Handbook.  If you do not have the capability to unzip files, a link is
provided to get that type of software.

I have, of course, attempted to correct all mistakes, but if you find one
PLEASE contact me so that I can correct it.
If you have suggestions please contact me as well. 

You can reach me at


NOTE:  Please pass this message on to the appropriate gentles and mailing

	In service to our dream 
	I remain

	Lord Maximilian Alois von Brandenberg

	Knight Marshal - Canton of Spiaggia Levantina
	Barony of Bright Hills
	Kingdom of Atlantia

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