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Info on Practices

Poster: Unicorn977@aol.com

     I live in charleston,SC. We have practice once a week on Sundays if our
Marshall isn't busy. No offense to them, but I really would like to start
practicing again, I have no armour, well very little. This is why I don't get
to practice here often there is no loner gear! Plus I usually work Sundays.
That and practices may consist of 3 fighters. I can still learn lots from
them but not quite enough-if that makes sense. Anyway, to wrap this up can
anyone give me info on other practices around here, and if someone could
please help me find resonable armour. I pretty much no what I'm getting,It'll
just take time to get it. I'd make simple things like a shield for myself but
I don't have the tools neccessary. If this may help. I have pads,a gambason,
hockey gloves, and a basket hilt w/ no ratten. I don't know were to look here
because I'm still new to this area and the only armourer I'm ever refered to
is Red Falcon. Please, help me-not trying to sound desperate. One more minor
detail-I'm female,about 5'3" and weigh about 120. This is another reason why
I"m finding a hard time getting armour. But I do love being hit repeatedly
over the head!!!! Which still being a newbie here is good. If anyone can help
me,email me personally please!!!

       Sorry so long!!!
            Rachael (unofficial)
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